About us

Based in Chelmsford, Essex, we are a locally managed and governed housing association, registered as a Community Benefit Society.

Established in 2002 to deliver our core social purpose of meeting housing need by providing homes for rent and sale, we manage 10,000 homes and provide services for over 20,000 customers.

Our mission

Transforming lives by creating great homes for everyone.

Our vision and values

To be an organisation that cares about our customers and communities and is determined to make a difference. We will be bold and open-minded in our pursuit of solutions to help people transform their lives.

Our proposition

We want our current and future customers to live in homes where they feel comfortable, safe, secure, and can make the most of their lives. We will create environments that support the growth of strong communities and provide opportunities to help people thrive.

We will do this by working in trusted partnerships with our customers and stakeholders, treating them with respect, and being easy to do business with. We will be flexible and adaptable and offer choices when and where we can. We will walk in our customers' shoes, listen to what matters most to them, and innovate to deliver the best possible experience throughout their entire journey with us.

Our management team

Our Board members have overall responsibility for setting the strategic objectives and monitoring our performance against them.

Our leadership team has responsibility for implementing the strategies and policies set by the Board and for overseeing the day to day operations.


Our subsidiaries

We have created three wholly owned subsidiary companies:

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Myriad Homes

Myriad Homes Logo

Myriad Homes Ltd has been set up by CHP as a non-charitable subsidiary. Its purpose is to progress profit-making commercial opportunities which can be re-invested into CHP's core activities.

It will achieve this by working with a range of land agents, architects, contractors, consultants and investors to secure appropriate house building opportunities including:

  • Utilising CHP land bank opportunities for infill or redevelopment;
  • Acquiring market sites with or without planning permission;
  • Progressing joint ventures with CHP to deliver mixed tenure housing schemes.

Myriad Homes aims to deliver cost effective construction solutions through efficient procurement as well as optimise sales through high-quality design and marketing.

The Board comprises of the following directors:

Myriad Homes Financial Statements 2018-19[pdf] 2MB