Anti-social behaviour

Everyone has the right to quiet enjoyment of their home. This means neighbours should consider whether their lifestyle may impact on others.

Good neighbours communicate with one another and are able to resolve their differences peacefully.

Anti-social behaviour includes everyday incidents, such as overgrown gardens or noise nuisance from music, dogs nuisance and shouting, to more serious acts such as threatening behaviour or harassment.

We take all incidents of anti-social behaviour seriously and will help you to resolve the problem. However, we will expect you to take responsibility to resolve disputes with neighbours and to use available mediation services. Where a breach of tenancy has occured, evidence will be required and proportionate action taken.

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How do I make a complaint of antisocial behaviour against my neighbour?

Reports of antisocial behaviour can be made by the person experiencing the problem or by a friend or relative (but we need to know they have permission to discuss your situation).

When neighbours are in dispute we recommend residents speak to their neighbour first, as they may be unaware they are disturbing anyone. If this does not resolve the situation we may recommend mediation to assist with resolving any issues. Breaches of tenancy, that include antisocial behaviour will be taken seriously. We will agree an action plan with you and keep you updated with the progress of our investigation, until the matter is resolved. You can report a concern by registering or logging in to your online account.


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