Bright Ideas Suggestion Scheme

alt= Do you have ideas about how we could improve the services we provide you and our other customers? We’d love to hear them.

It’s completely up to you what you put forward, but examples include: 

  • How we could improve your home or the communal area where you live; 
  • How we could help to bring your local community together; 
  • How we could improve the way we communicate with you; 
  • Something you’d like to see on our website or social media channels. 

We will consider all suggestions and take forward as many as we can. We will also give you an individual response to your suggestion if you provide your contact details. 

Enter your suggestion below. Please be as specific as possible, and if you are talking about a particular property please provide address details.

My Bright Idea

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If you complete this form CHP will store and process your data in accordance with the requirements of its Data Protection policy and in keeping with the Data Protection Act. Please see our privacy statement for more information.

If you would like us to get back to you about your suggestion and be entered into the quarterly prize draw you must include contact details below:

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