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Watch out for coronavirus scams

We’ve been made aware of a number of coronavirus scams that have started to appear at this time, all designed to trick people into parting with their money. Some of them are designed to make them look like they are offering a refund from the government, or to look like they are part of an appeal for a good cause. Some of the examples we have been made aware of include:

  • Emails claiming to be from HMRC telling people they can claim a tax refund to help protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak.
  • SMS scams telling people they can claim a ‘goodwill payment’.
  • SMS scam which states the recipient will be fined £250 for leaving the house more than once. The message asks people to call an 0800 telephone number to appeal.
  • Older residents being contacted by individuals claiming to be a representative of the council checking Lifeline equipment. The only visits to check Lifeline equipment during coronavirus are to people who have reported there is a problem. This will always be by appointment and the visiting officer will show their council identification badge.

If you receive these, or any other phone calls, texts or emails that look suspicious, do not reply or open any links in them. Do not let anyone into your home who has not made a prior appointment, and who does not have the appropriate identification.

For more information on coronavirus scams and how to protect yourself visit


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