FAQs - Repairs and alterations

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Repairs and alterations

  1. Can someone look at damp in my property?

    Yes, please contact us and an advisor will discuss.

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  2. Do you carry out quality checks on repairs?

    We will select (at random) a number of properties to visit both during and after the work to make sure it has been completed to the required standard. If it has not, we will instruct whoever carried out the work to put it right within a reasonable timescale.

    Your opinion helps us make improvements to our services and we will ask you to complete a questionnaire on how the work was carried out.

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  3. How can I reduce condensation in my home?

    Condensation will appear in your home if there is too much moist air caused by everyday activities such as cooking, washing and bathing. We all want to keep our homes as warm as possible but it is important to ventilate your home to help control condensation. You can minimise the moisture in your home by following these simple steps:

    • If you have trickle vents above your windows, keep them open all the time;
    • Do not block air vents;
    • Do not put furniture or other items right up against your walls – this helps air circulate and stops mould growing.
    • Open the window slightly for half an hour after bathing to get rid of the moist air;
    • Use an extractor fan in the bathroom when you have a bath or shower and in the kitchen when cooking. Extractor fans are cheap to run and use less energy than a standard light bulb;
    • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors shut to stop moisture moving to other areas of your home;
    • Try not to dry clothes inside. If you have to, open the window and shut the door of the room where the clothes are drying;
    • If you use a tumble dryer make sure it has a vent to outside;
    • Avoid using portable gas and paraffin heaters as these fuels give off moisture when they burn. If you have to use these open a window in the room the heater is in – a window should always be open for safety reasons;
    • Cover cooking pans with lids – as well as saving on your gas or electricity bill it will reduce the amount of moisture.
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  4. I have loss of power/lights - what should I do?

    It might be a general power cut – have a look out of the window to see if other homes nearby have their lights on and call your electricity supplier for information.

    Check the trip switches on your consumer unit (this used to be called the fuse board) – a light bulb blowing or a faulty appliance may have tripped the safety cut off.  All you then need to do is to change the light bulb or turn off your appliances; put the switch back on and gradually turn back on your appliances to see if one of them has caused the problem. If this doesn’t resolve the problem contact us.

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  5. What are CHP's repair responsibilities?

    Tenants: Making sure the property's structure, exterior, fixtures and fittings are safe, weatherproof and fit for human habitation.

    This includes:

    • Repairing the structure and exterior of the building including roof, drains, gutters, downpipes, external doors and windows, chimneys, chimney stacks and flues (excluding sweeping);
    • Painting and decorating the outside of your home;
    • Internal walls, floors and ceilings (but not minor plasterwork);
    • Repairing and maintaining heating, hot-water appliances, gas and water pipes;
    • Repairing and maintaining kitchen units, baths, basins, sinks, showers and toilets (excluding blocked waste pipes or shower heads);
    • Servicing, installing and repairing central heating systems, water heaters, fireplaces and fitted fires;
    • Electrical wiring and fittings;
    • Carrying out an annual gas safety check on all homes with a gas supply;
    • Boundary walls, fencing and gates provided by us;
    • Steps and footpaths leading to front or back doors;
    • Repairing and maintaining communal entrances, halls, lifts, stairs and other communal facilities;
    • Emergency repairs to make the property safe and secure (we may charge for the work if you need us to force entry).
    • We will also keep the following in good repair and working order:
    • Community alarm services in sheltered schemes;
    • Communal TV and satellite systems.

    We will also:

    • Tell you who is responsible for the repair;
    • Make an appointment with you to complete the work;
    • Let you know how long the work will take;
    • Let you know what charge we will make for repairs caused by neglect or deliberate damage;
    • Consider granting permission for aerials if none exist and if the aerial or dish meets building regulations and our policy requirements.

    Leaseholders: We are responsible for carrying out repairs to:

    • The main structure of the building and communal areas including walls, foundations, communal doors, and the roof;
    • All electrical, plumbing and drainage services that are shared with other flats in the block;
    • External decorations and internal redecoration to communal areas;
    • Gutters, downpipes, soffits, and fascias.

    For more information please see the Repairs and maintenance leaflet[pdf] 2MB

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  6. What if I'm not in when the contractor calls?

    If you are out when we attend the agreed appointment we will leave a card asking you to contact us to arrange another visit but you could be charged £15.00.

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  7. What if the repair is an emergency?

    Emergency repairs are those that could not be foreseen and could cause serious structural damage to your home or be a danger to your health or safety. They include dangerous electrics, severe leaks or blocked toilets. In these instances we aim to attend within four hours. Other emergency repairs, where a major inconvenience is being caused, such as no electricity, we aim to attend within 24-hours of being notified.

     If you require an emergency repair call 0300 555 0500.

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  8. What standard of repair service can I expect?

    Our own workforce or external contractors will carry out repair work. Our external contractors work to the same standards as our own workforce and are required to follow a code of conduct when working in or around your home. For more information please refer to the Code of Conduct (residents) leaflet[pdf].

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  9. When is the outside of my home due to be decorated?

    External decorating is carried out as part of our cyclical repairs every seven years.  For more information please see our Cyclical decoration leaflet[pdf].

    1. Repairs and alterations
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