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How can I reduce condensation in my home?

Condensation will appear in your home if there is too much moist air caused by everyday activities such as cooking, washing and bathing. We all want to keep our homes as warm as possible but it is important to ventilate your home to help control condensation. You can minimise the moisture in your home by following these simple steps:

  • If you have trickle vents above your windows, keep them open all the time;
  • Do not block air vents;
  • Do not put furniture or other items right up against your walls – this helps air circulate and stops mould growing.
  • Open the window slightly for half an hour after bathing to get rid of the moist air;
  • Use an extractor fan in the bathroom when you have a bath or shower and in the kitchen when cooking. Extractor fans are cheap to run and use less energy than a standard light bulb;
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors shut to stop moisture moving to other areas of your home;
  • Try not to dry clothes inside. If you have to, open the window and shut the door of the room where the clothes are drying;
  • If you use a tumble dryer make sure it has a vent to outside;
  • Avoid using portable gas and paraffin heaters as these fuels give off moisture when they burn. If you have to use these open a window in the room the heater is in – a window should always be open for safety reasons;
  • Cover cooking pans with lids – as well as saving on your gas or electricity bill it will reduce the amount of moisture.
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