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Why might you deny a Right to Acquire application?

Your Right to Acquire may be denied if:

  • You have not been an assured tenant for three years;
  • A joint tenant hasn’t given their consent for the other tenant to buy without them;
  • We’re unable to verify your, or other applicant’s, identity;
  • The property isn’t your main home;
  • We do not hold enough interest in the property i.e. a lease for less than 50 years for a flat or less than 35 years for a house;
  • There’s a court order for possession of your home against you or someone at your home;
  • The court has suspended your Right to Acquire because of antisocial behaviour;
  • You are ‘un-discharged bankrupt’;
  • You are being declared bankrupt;
  • You have made a voluntary arrangement with creditors i.e. an individual or company voluntary arrangement;
  • We plan to demolish your home and you’ve been served a Demolition Order.
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