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Can I rent one of your properties?

The majority of our new rented homes are allocated to applicants nominated to us by local authorities from their housing waiting lists. If you wish to be considered for any of our new properties you should contact the local authority. They will be able to tell you how to register for affordable housing.

We do hold a waiting list for some properties. These are properties that have been advertised previously via the local authority but there were no suitable applicants. These Immediately Available Homes are mostly homes for people aged over 50 years and are not suitable for young children. These properties are displayed on our website. To apply for an Immediately Available Home you should complete the Immediately available homes form[pdf] 2MB.

We own a limited amount of properties for market rent and discounted rent (intermediate market rent). Our market rent properties are advertised on the open market at current market values. Discounted rented properties have a subsidised rent of 80% of current market values and available through the Help to Buy website. Applicants must be registered and approved by Help to Buy prior to being offered a viewing (see Buying your home for more details). Both market rent and discounted rent applicants are required to undergo a full tenant reference check (including a credit check) and pay a deposit.

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