We own and manage over 10,000 homes across Essex. High demand for our homes provides excellent opportunities for further growth through the provision of new properties.

We have a strong focus on Essex, enabling economies of scale and geography to be harnessed, as reflected in our strong financial performance and peer group benchmarking results.

We have adapted well to the changes affecting the UK social housing sector and the economy as a whole. Since 2011 we have been developing new homes without grant subsidy from central government and have a pipeline of around 300 new homes per year.

We issued our first corporate bond in December 2013 through our funding vehicle Myriad Capital Plc. Myriad Capital Plc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CHP. The £200m bond included £75m retained bonds and was shared between nine investors.

In November 2017, we issued £75m of secured, retained public bonds. These were sold through our financing subsidiary Myriad Capital Plc. The bonds were successfully placed with high quality, long term investors and the proceeds will be used to fund our ambitious development programme over the next two to three years, delivering around 1,000 new homes. In March 2021 we issued a £50m bond tap which increased the bond to £250m taking CHP to ‘index’ size

Rating and regulation

We hold ratings from the Homes and Communities Agency for both governance (G1) and financial viability (V1)We are rated A+ by Standard & Poor's

See the governance and performance section
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regulation and ratings.


Board and leadership

Our board members bring together a broad mix of skills and expertise to provide the group with a clear strategy and to provide the leadership team with constructive challenge and support.

The leadership team has a proven track record of delivering new homes, high quality services, and value for money.