Local Offers survey

As a housing provider, we must have Local Offers. These are standards agreed with our customers to meet local needs and priorities, with the aim of improving services. Below we have set out our current Local Offers.

We want to enhance these by listening to your feedback and talking to you in your communities. Please read through our current Local Offers and answer the three questions below to tell us what you think and how you’d like to see them developed.

The questions should only take five minutes and by providing your feedback you’ll have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw.

Our Local Offers


1) Customers have told us safety is a priority. If we identify anti-social behaviour in a local area we’ll work with communities and partners to improve safety, for example by installing lighting and CCTV. We have recently done this in the Chignall Smealy area in Chelmsford.


2) We’ll work with partners to address the priorities of local communities. For example, we recently worked with partners to carry out an estate inspection in the Meadgate area, taking forward improvements such as the installation of cycle hoops. We’ll identify environmental improvements with you on joint neighbourhood walkabouts and inspections. For example, in:

  • Stanway, Colchester we increased the size of the bin store;
  • Wheatfield Way, Chelmsford, we improved security by adding gates with a coded lock;
  • Black Notley, Braintree we installed gates, fencing, and a new paved area to improve access.

3) We’ll enable (setup, join or participate, as appropriate) effective Community Action Groups, bringing different agencies and service providers together to enable effective multi-agency partnerships and collaboration. For example, North West Chelmsford and local authority community safety partnerships.

Working in partnership

4) We’ll establish and maintain effective partnerships and relationships across the community and partner with organisations as well as other housing providers operating in the area. For example, working with Essex Police and local authorities.


5) We have the Parkside Community Hub in North West Chelmsford (Melbourne) that offers a wide range of training and advice sessions for anyone over the age of 18 in Chelmsford. It has a number of different courses available to suit all needs; from beginners through to recognised qualifications. Courses include English, maths, English for speakers of other languages, computer skills, CV writing, job searching and applications and interview techniques.

6) For those not able to attend the Parkside Community Hub, we provide online courses that people can access to develop their skills.

Local offers for specific customer groups

7) We’ll provide services to leaseholders that are open and transparent. We have developed a specific page on our website to enhance consultation and invite observation on major works that are delivered with value for money in mind.

8) In addition to our enhanced housing management service for older persons living in sheltered schemes, we use an OK Each Day telephone system so people can tell us they are well in their homes. This enables our customers to be in control but have additional reassurance that help is available.


Local offers survey

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