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CHP combats hate crime in Chelmsford

THE Quality of Life (QoL) Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) team at CHP has demoted the tenancies of three residents for 12 months after their children committed a hate crime against a CHP tenant with learning difficulties.

The victim - who has lived in Chelmsford, Essex, since March 2010 - had been targeted by five youths due to his learning difficulties, who chased him, called him insulting names and threw stones at him.

Having received a hate crime report from the victim, members of CHP’s QoL ASB team acted swiftly to identify the five youths involved - all of which were aged between 12 to 15 years of age; with three them being children of CHP residents - by reviewing the neighbourhoods close circuit television cameras and informing Essex Police.

To help the victim while legal procedures took place, an ASB team member provided him with a personal mobile phone, which had been pre-programmed to speed dial the employees direct office line and work mobile telephone, in the event of further harassment.

As the perpetrators of the hate crime were under the age of 16, CHP targeted the youths’ parents and, as a result of court proceedings, secured three demotions of tenancy orders, resulting in the parents’ tenancies being demoted to a non-assured tenancy for 12 months. If any further incidentsoccur again – regardless of being a hate crime or not - CHP can, and will, apply for an eviction order.

Working closely with Essex Police and the victim, to ensure that he felt safe in his home and neighbourhood, the ASB team began legal proceedings against the parents of three of the perpetrators, as they were CHP residents, while Essex Police took action against the parents of the two other youths.

At Chelmsford Magistrates Court, of the three youths of CHP parents, the magistrate placed one on curfew; one received a caution and community service, while the other had no action taken against him.  Of the two perpetrators of non-CHP residents, both received referral orders.Terri Cochrane, QoL Manager, said: “We all know that the consequences ofnot challengingASB or supporting vulnerable people in society can be severe, so I was delighted my team worked swiftly using the legislation available to them.

“The message to residents is that we will not tolerate such behavior and that we can be relied upon to support you when needed, or we will take action against you should you behave in such an unacceptable manner.”


Published: 24.01.2012


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