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Five ways to save time on your admin this spring

Jade Parker, Marketing Communications Manager Jade Parker, our Marketing Communications Manager and mother of two has been working with us for over 11 years. Here she offers her advice on how you can get organised with your admin this spring.

Many of us have found, even during a pandemic, that we are as busy now as we’ve ever been before. Whether you’re balancing home-schooling with housework or just trying to stay organised, for lots of people managing time can be a challenge. Keeping on top of our admin can feel overwhelming, but it’s also very important and should not be overlooked. So, we’ve put together five easy ways in which you can save time with your admin this spring.

1. Organise your paperwork

The hectic nature of day-to-day life often means that when we get an important bill or document through the letterbox, we throw it on the kitchen table and promise ourselves we’ll get around to it. However, having even a basic filing system or folder at home can make your life easier and save you lots of time. Splitting your paperwork into some key categories like ‘home’ and ‘family’ will ensure documents can be found and dealt with easily.

2. Have a good spring-clean

Not only does a thorough tidy-up help you get on top of your admin, it’s great for your mental health as well. Studies have linked both the act of tidying your home and having a cleaner space to a more positive mood and a reduction in symptoms of both depression and anxiety. In other words, a cleaner physical space often translates into a healthier mindset, making it easier to manage everyday tasks.

3. Create a calendar

Keeping track of which bills need paying and when is tricky at the best of times. When you’re juggling that alongside the uncertainty of the pandemic, it’s even more difficult. Just having those important dates clearly laid out in front of you on a sheet of paper on the wall can make things a lot more manageable. With a basic calendar, you can see exactly what needs doing and by what date. It sounds a simple solution but sometimes simple is best.

4. Make the most of technology

The smartphones many of us carry in our pockets are powerful computers in their own right. If you find the idea of maintaining a wall planner too much hassle, then set yourself bill reminders on your phone. Most phones and tablets will have a built-in calendar function where you can add reminders that will tell you when any deadline is due.

5. Consider going paperless

Speaking of technology, if you’re getting fed up with the amount of loose paper and documents taking up space at home, then why not consider transitioning towards going paperless? Our new online customer area makes it easy to keep on top of all sorts of rental admin, from making payments and seeing your bills, to requesting any home repairs.

Not only can you save on paper in this way and help save the environment, but it can help to provide some much-needed organisation. You also have the added reassurance of being able to access your accounts 24/7, whenever you need.

Now’s the time to get organised with help from our new online services. Register today.


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