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Residents receive hygrometer thermometers

Hygrometer and pot plant RECENTLY we have given some of our residents free hygrometer thermometers to help them tackle humidity in their homes.

Nearly 9,000 residents throughout the county have taken delivery of a hygrometer which helps them measure the amount of moisture in the air to keep condensation - which can lead to mould growth - at bay.

The simple and easy-to-use thermometer has two gauges, each with a green section, and if they both remain in the green then the room is heated and ventilated correctly. However, if the gauge changes colour to red it means that the resident needs to adjust the heating and ventilation in their home.

“The small portable devices are the size of a small clock and are extremely easy-to-use,” said Denise Kent, Director of Commercial Services. “Hygrometer thermometers will remove all the guess work for our residents and make it easier for them to take positive actions to control condensation.”

Last year we spent £120,000 inspecting and treating condensation and damp in residents’ homes. Areas of the home which are particularly vulnerable to condensation and mould - especially during the winter months - are kitchens and bathrooms.

“Nobody wants the problems associated with condensation and mould,” added Denise Kent. “The main difference between condensation and other forms of damp is that residents have the ability to reduce and solve the problem. Regularly we provide advice to our residents on how to reduce condensation; however, it has not previously been possible to provide them with a tool that they can use to accurately assess the level of heating and ventilation required.”


  1. Merylin Granger says:

    Thank you for the Hygrometer thermometer, my home has condensation and it is proving a very useful gadget. It moves from room to room and identifying problem areas .Thank you.

    Added on 23 Dec 2015 at 05:33 PM

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