Shared ownership resales

Selling your Shared Ownership home is not as complicated as you might imagine. The rules for selling your home are set out in your lease, and you should use this as your first point of information.

If you are a shared owner and you want to sell your share in the property, you should inform us so that we can help find a buyer for you. Your lease will tell you how much time we have to find a buyer for your home. This is known as the nomination period and usually lasts either four or eight weeks. The purpose of this period is to offer your home to those who have priority for low cost home ownership, which can also save you money on agents’ fees. If we are unable to find a buyer for your home by the end of the 8 weeks nomination period, you can sell your home on the open market.

We will work in partnership with Move with Us, an independent residential property services company to help manage the sale of your home. Move with Us will commission a market appraisal report on your home. You will be asked to pay for a RICS valuation in advance of a survey, to determine the market value.

If you would like to sell your home, please complete the form below. By completing and submitting the form you are agreeing that you have read and understood the resale factsheet[pdf] and have chosen to sell your home using our fully managed option.


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