Sounding Board

alt= Would you like to work alongside other customers and share your opinions on policies?

As part of our Sounding Board you will be sent a document via email or post every month or two for your feedback. You can take a look at a time when it suits you and let us know what you think.

Afterwards, you will be sent a summary of how feedback from you and other customers that took part was used to shape the final document. You’ll also be entered into our prize draw to say thank you.

We are currently asking for feedback from customers on two key policies: our Repairs Policy [pdf] and our Planned Maintenance Policy [pdf].

The Repairs Policy explains how you can report a repair, what you can expect from a repairs appointment and what will happen after the repair is completed. It also explains our responsibilities for completing emergency repairs.

Our Planned Maintenance Policy explains how we will carry out planned maintenance work to make sure all our homes are safe, secure, well maintained, regularly serviced and kept in good repair.

We would like your feedback on whether the policies are clear, fair and include everything you think should. Consultation about these two policies is open until 1 October 2021.

If you would like to join our Sounding Board or give feedback on these two key policies please contact us on to find out more.

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