We often procure goods, services and works from a range of small, medium and large suppliers. Whenever we have a need for new products or services, or the existing contract needs renewing, its value will determine the procurement route taken.

For low value ad-hoc requirements (£10,000 or under), we are required to obtain at least two quotes for the work. We will obtain these quotes from suppliers that we have previously used and are on our approved contractor list. Please see the contractors section for more information on gaining approval.

Being accepted on our approved supplier list does not guarantee our business or a contract with us.

We use an e-tendering system for all quotations and tender requirements. Register free of charge with My Tenders to see relevant quotation and tender opportunities.

The tendering process

For larger value tenders or where there is a large number of suppliers we may choose to go through a pre-qualification stage prior to tendering. In these cases you will be required to submit a pre-qualification questionnaire which will assess your experience of undertaking similar work and also assess a company's financial suitability.

Invitation to tender

Once invited to tender, the documentation provided to you will include a detailed specification of the goods or services required, a pricing schedule and a certificate that states that no collusion has taken place.

We will provide the scoring criteria in the invitation to tender. This describes how your submission will be scored by our panel. Please ensure that you have demonstrated your capability against each of the criteria to enable the panel to score accordingly.

EU procurement regulations

All of our procurement activities are governed by the EU procurement regulations. This means for works, services or supplies which are over the limits detailed below, we are obliged to advertise our tenders via the Official Journal of the European Union.

EU Procurement regulations
Works £4,733,252 (excluding VAT)
Supplies £189,330 (excluding VAT)
Services £189,330 (excluding VAT)

We are therefore unable to personally invite companies to tender. Advertisements for tenders can be viewed on the My Tenders website.