Transfers and exchanges


If you want to move to another one of our properties (called a transfer) you must:

  • Keep your existing home in an acceptable condition;
  • Hold an assured or fixed term tenancy;
  • Register with us for a transfer.

We offer 25% of our available properties to existing residents who are registered for transfer. To move to one of these, you will need to express an interest through the Choice Based Lettings scheme (see more information below).

We will not allow the transfer if you have:

  • Rent arrears or housing related debt with us;
  • Not kept to an agreement to pay for the past three months.

You will be able to keep your original application date but it will remain suspended until we can confirm that:

  • Your debt with us is clear;
  • You have kept to a regular payment agreement for the previous three months.

Residents with active applications for transfer will be suspended as and when they come to the top of a shortlist for a property.

To register you will need to complete the housing transfer form online. Alternatively, download, complete and post the housing transfer form[pdf] or contact us to request a copy be posted to you. The information you provide will allow us to apply an appropriate priority (called a banding number) and size of property you would be eligible for.

Residents will be assessed according to their housing need. See our Allocations and lettings policy[pdf] or the Allocating homes leaflet[pdf] 2MB for more information on how we prioritise housing need and allocate homes.

Please note that you must keep your home in good repair as any offer of alternative accommodation will be subject to a property inspection.


Choice Based Lettings

Your transfer application will be dealt with under the choice based lettings scheme, which gives you more choice about where you live.

Properties available, or coming soon, are advertised on the HomeOption website and magazine. Instead of being allocated a property, you must express an interest in a property you like, which is suitable for your needs.

For more information about how to express an interest, see the HomeOption website or contact us.


Mutual exchange

As you may be aware due to the Government guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic CHP put all Mutual Exchange applications on hold, with the recent ease of lockdown measures we are now starting to get back to business as usual, we will be taking a phased approach to managing our mutual exchange programme and there will be some changes in the way we operate in order to continue to comply with the Government guidelines.

We will start with those applications that have already been progressed, where inspections and safety checks have been carried out, followed by those applications that have been approved and require follow up and lastly we will review any new applications received.

We will continue to liaise with other housing providers and local authorities as we are aware they may not have recommenced their mutual exchange programme or have adopted a different approach. We would encourage you to speak directly with your exchange partners to keep up to date with progress from external parties.


A mutual exchange can be a faster way of finding a new home than applying for a transfer, especially if your transfer application is assessed as having a low priority. A mutual exchange is when you exchange your home with another housing association (including us) or council tenant.

To be eligible, all households must hold an assured or secure tenancy. Pursuing a mutual exchange will not affect an application to transfer and it will increase your chances of moving.

To start the process you need to find a suitable household to exchange with. You can ask us if we are aware of any other households who want to exchange as well as spread the word yourself. You can also subscribe to Home Swapper.

Once you have found a mutual exchange partner you will need to complete and submit the mutual exchange application form online. Alternatively download, complete and post the mutual exchange application form[pdf] or contact us to request a copy be posted to you.

If you would like assistance you can contact our customer service advisers on 0300 555 0500, email or visit our head office: Myriad House, 33 Springfield Lyons Approach, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 5LB (open Mondays and Fridays, 9.00am to 5.00pm).

For more information on all your housing options please refer to Your housing options leaflet[pdf] 1MB.