Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrub roots can extend quite a distance - often under buildings - and need a lot of moisture to survive. Where trees and shrubs are planted, the soil will contain less moisture so nearby buildings will be at more risk of subsidence.

A general rule is that trees should be no closer to a building than their mature height. That means that the taller the tree the further away from the building it should be. No tree should be planted within five metres (17 feet) of your home.

If you are thinking of planting trees in your garden please consider the minimum distance they should be from your home. When you buy a tree ask the supplier what height it will be when mature.


Your responsibilities

You are responsible for keeping your garden tidy. If you plant trees or shrubs it is your responsibility to ensure they do not pose a threat to your home or nearby properties. If you need to carry out work to a tree you must make sure that it is not subject to a preservation order. Please contact your local authority who can check for you.

You should not allow trees or hedges to grow over two metres tall as it may affect your neighbour's property. If your property shares a boundary with a neighbour's property, there are some legal and neighbourly considerations you should bear in mind when growing trees/hedges. See the problem neighbours website for more information.

If you are concerned that a tree is causing structural problems to your home, or if you have any questions, please contact us.