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Sounding Board: Decant Policy meeting


Occasionally customers need to move into a different home, on a temporary or permanent basis, known as a decant. This is usually because of a problem that needs fixing in your home, such as a fire, flood, or major unplanned repair. It can also be because your home needs to be refurbished or modernised.

Moving out in these situations can be difficult, so we want a clear policy on this topic where customers can find guidance on what to expect and how we can help you in different situations.

We’ve drafted a policy, which has been informed by feedback from employees and the experience of customers who have experienced this previously. However, we want to make sure that we’ve considered everything that might be important to customers in this scenario. This session is to talk about the policy and give you the opportunity to provide feedback.

To register your interest in joining the meeting, please email consultation@chp.org.uk or call 0300 555 0500. Online via Microsoft Teams and in-person at Parkside Community Hub, Chelmsford.