The journey to your new home

We are delighted that you are considering moving into one of our properties. It’s important that you understand the process before moving into your new home, so we have put together some useful information for you. This process applies to customers moving into our rented accommodation, including our new build homes for rent.

Our available homes are advertised online, and in order to be considered you will first need to apply to the local council where you wish to live. If you are already one of our customers, you may also be eligible to apply direct to us for a transfer to another one of our homes.

Your circumstances will be assessed, and your need for housing will be prioritised against firm rules. Housing is in short supply and these rules are used to make sure homes are allocated fairly. Please contact the local council for more details on their individual policies and on how to apply. For existing customers, our transfers and exchanges section provides more information on how to apply for a transfer to another one of our homes.