b'Sustainable Finance Framework 20221.5 Case studiesModern methods of construction (MMC)We were listed as one of the Top 30 Most Sustainable Housing Providers by Housing Digital in 2021 through our use of timber frame construction. Timber frames are currently one the most widely available and used forms of MMC as theyre an environmentally and economically proven solution. Weve used this method on a number of different newbuild sites across Essex already with 48 timber frame homes handed over and more in the pipeline. Our development at Woodhall Road, Chelmsford, will use timber frame construction as well as air source heat pumps and PV panels, which will help make them more energy efficient. Provision for electric charging points will also be included across the site as well as number of environmental features such bird and bat boxes, hedgehog highways, and native grass and hedge species in communal planting areas. Waste managementWere also keen to use other new methods of constructionWith over 10,700 homes in our portfolio, we wanted to to increase sustainability and help us meet our future zeroradically transform the way we process and manage waste carbon targets. Our construction design brief is regularlyto make it as sustainable as possible. Our aim is to reuse and reviewed to take new methods into consideration and ensurerecycle wherever possible.were incorporating the Future Homes Standard, which sets out to ensure that new homes produce 7580% less carbonFirstly, we invested in a composter and now repurpose emissions than current regulations require. The main areas all incoming green waste from our grounds maintenance of focus are improving insulation, ventilation and heating. operations. Not only does this save time and money, it also means we can deliver mulch quickly and easily back into the Greenfleetflower beds of communal areas in our communities.When our vehicle lease came to end in March 2021, we tookWaste from repairs, maintenance and housing management it as a perfect opportunity to introduce some electric vehiclesis all collected and streamed into skips. Items are categorised into our fleet. The electric vehicles, which have a green themeinto white goods, glass, rubble, paints and oils, and plaster for their livery, are used by employees across our supply chain,board. Pallets are collected and reused if possible or turned trade, and grounds maintenance teams. Twelve electric vehicleinto wood pulp if not. Tyres are reused or shredded for charging stations were installed at our head office for the fleetplaygrounds. All of the waste we collect goes to external and our employees. We plan to increase these as we expand thecompanies who reuse or recycle everything we give themnumber of electric vehicles in our fleet in the future. including turning some products into fuel.By working with others and supplying them with the right type of waste, we The new fleet is expected to cover 4.235 million miles a yearcan ensure that zero percent of our waste goes to landfill.which is over 21 million miles across the course of the new lease. By having electric vehicles in our fleet, well be able to improveAnd it doesnt end there. In the office we removed personal our sustainability in line with our Environmental Strategy. waste bins from 250 to 10which reduces the number of plastic bags used as well as fosters a more mindful culture amongst employees about what they throw away and how much they print. Lighting was changed to LED panels, and we order in more bulk from local companies to reduce transport costs and singleuse plastics.11'