b'Sustainable Finance Framework 2022Introduction Framework rationaleWere committed to sustainability and anticipate that it willI.Use of proceedsplay a key strategic role in our future. As a result, were keen toII.Process for project evaluation and selectionembed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) into ourIII.Management of proceedsfinancing and are focused on being transparent and accountableIV.Reporting to our stakeholders. We have established a Sustainable Finance Framework to demonstrate the next stage of our commitmentWere committed to seeking ways to improve the as we adopt sustainability into our finances. transparency of our ESG strategy and reporting. Well continue to update our framework as our understanding and To comply with market standards, the framework followsbroader market evolves.best practice recognised by internationally constructed voluntary principles, as described by both the InternationalWe also recognise the value in having our framework Capital Markets Association (ICMA) and the Loan Marketexternally reviewed, giving our stakeholders comfort that we Association (LMA). continue to align with industry standards. Well be following the key recommendation of heightened transparency from The framework confirms alignment of bonds, loans andICMA and the LMA and commit to always having our latest Private Placements, with the Green Bond Principles 2021framework assessed by an independent party.(GBP)1, Social Bond Principles 2021 (SBP) 2, Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2020 (SBG)3 , Green Loan Principles 2021 (GLP)4 and the Social Loan Principles 2021 (SLP)5. We intend to use the capital linked to such principles / guidelines for a specific (eligible) purpose and will, for the purpose of this document, categorise such instrument as use of proceeds. In accordance with the industry market standards, the framework talks through the following four core components, as set out by ICMA and the LMA. 1 https://www.icmagroup.org/sustainable-finance/the-principles-guidelines-and-handbooks/green-bond-principles-gbp/2 https://www.icmagroup.org/sustainable-finance/the-principles-guidelines-and-handbooks/social-bond-principles-sbp/3 https://www.icmagroup.org/sustainable-finance/the-principles-guidelines-and-handbooks/sustainability-bond-guidelines-sbg/4 https://www.lma.eu.com/application/files/9716/1304/3740/Green_Loan_Principles_Feb2021_V04.pdf5 https://www.lma.eu.com/application/files/1816/1829/9975/Social_Loan_Principles.pdf5'