b'Sustainable Finance Framework 20222.4 ReportingWe are committed to providing clear and relevantAdditionally, we will publish an annual ESG Impact Report. information to our broad range of stakeholders in relation toNot only will this report take into account our commitment ESG. It is therefore our intention to breakdown our reportingto report against the Sector Reporting Standards, where into two distinct work streams.possible, it will outline the progress made, using output, outcome, and/or impact metrics relevant for the eligible When a Sustainable Debt Instrument has been undertakenprojects disclosed in this framework. Where feasible and in accordance with this framework, an Allocation Report willpractical we aim to provide stakeholders with a broader be produced, annually, within 12 months from the receipt ofunderstanding to changes as a result of the eligible projects. the net proceeds, until full allocation of the net proceeds has taken place. Any modifications of the allocation portfolio willIt is our intention to make both reports publicly available onbe reported in a timely manner. our website. 2.4.1 Allocation reportingThe allocation report will be structured to provide the following:1.The total amount of proceeds allocated to each eligible project stating the underlying category.2.A breakdown of proceeds (amount and/or percentage)allocated to new and existing projects highlighting financing and/or refinancing.3.The balance of unallocated proceeds.2.4.2 Impact reportingWith our inaugural Environmental Social and Governance Report published in 2020/21, our aim is to adapt this into a comprehensive annual impact report, combining our existing disclosure with new obligations from this framework, which will be published on the Groups website.We anticipate the impact delivered by the proceeds generated under this framework will both add to and complement our annual ESG report which currently aligns with the SRS. Whilst not a conclusive list, the table on the following page seeks to summarise how we expect our reporting commitments to interact.17'