b'Sustainable Finance Framework 2022We want to transform customers lives by creating great homes for everyone.Our mission We comply with the 2015 regulatory framework established by the UK Government for social housing companies in We want to transform customers lives by creating greatEngland7 . This framework comprises of:homes for everyone. 1.Regulatory requirementsobligations on registered Our propositionproviders, including the rent standard for social and affordable housing and consumer standards for the provision of the housing service.We want our current and future customers to live in homes where they can feel comfortable, safe, secure, and can make2.Codes of practiceassists registered providers in the most of their lives. We will create environments thatunderstanding how compliance might be achieved.support the growth of strong communities and provide3.Regulatory guidancethis provides further explanatory opportunities to help people thrive. information on the regulatory requirements and includes information on how the regulator will carry out its role.1.2 How were governedOur Board is responsible for the financial strength and As a business with a social purpose, any profit we makeperformance of the business. Specifically for the setting of, is reinvested into our homes and improving services forand compliance with, strategic objectives as well as setting customers. Well always be open and transparent in howa positive and customerfocussed culture. The Board also we do business and how we treat our customers andensure that the business is operating in alignment with value stakeholders, which often builds on innovative partnershipsfor money principles. They are responsible for the scrutiny across our business model.and approval of relevant policies as well as annual budgets, business plans, and annual accounts prior to their publication. Were overseen by the Regulator for Social Housing. They are responsible for establishing and reviewing internal Were subject to the Charities Act 20116, including thecontrol and risk management systems and the governance of obligation to prove that our aims are for public benefit.our subsidiaries.6 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2011/25/contents7 https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/regulatory-framework-requirements7'