b'Sustainable Finance Framework 2022Foreword Sustainability and CHPWe believe in investing in a sustainable futureforthebenefitofourcustomersand wider society.Bold environmental and social aims, underpinned bysignificant changes. A new Environmental Sustainability Panel outstanding governance and a transparent relationship withmeasures and records the impact we make, ensuring that our stakeholders, is the best way to achieve a sustainablemonitoring our progress is integral to our business. We ask future. Its why were excited to be among the first adopters ofour suppliers and contractors to embrace sustainable supply the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing. Andchains. And our customers scrutinised and improved our aims its why were proud to commit ourselves to internationallywithin this framework. By working together weve shaped a recognised and endorsed standards in this Sustainableframework highly relevant to investors wishing to maximise Finance Framework.environmental and social performance and returns. Our core purpose is to provide affordable homes and ourIm delighted that were one of the first to be taking commitment to environmental and social improvements isthis important step towards social and environmental inseparable. Our obligations to the environment stand onsustainability. Were committed to change and Im their own merit, but also benefit our customers. Improvingparticularly thrilled that weve set an ambitious framework energy efficiency in our homes not only helps the UKand strategy to achieve this. Well be transparent in reporting meet COP26 and net carbon zero targets, but also helpson our journey, and I look forward to working with all customers by reducing fuel bills. Thats why 97% of all ourstakeholders to ensure our targets become reality. new homes rate A or Bthe highest two tiersin energy performance. Were ambitious to do more, which is why Im excited that this framework includes targets to tackle a broad range of diverse issues. Youll see targets to address workforce gender pay gaps, reduce fuel poverty, and enhance biodiversity.None of this would be possible without the dedication ofPaul Edwards our stakeholders. Were indebted to our highly motivatedChief Executivestaff, whose enthusiasm in this area has already resulted in 4'