b'Sustainable Finance Framework 2022Section 3 External reviewTo ensure our disclosure is fully aligned to the industry standards referenced within this framework, we have instructed Sustainalytics, to provide an independent verificationin the form of a second party opinion.The second party opinion, will be made publicly available on our website www.chp.org.uk/corporateSection 4VerificationThe framework demonstrates alignment to ICMA and LMA principles associated with the use of proceeds form of financing and we recognise the importance of a robust verification process.We therefore intend to request verification by an external auditor or an assurance provider on the allocation of the funding instrument proceeds until the full allocation or the divestment / sale of such funding instrument has taken place. The associated report and verification statement will be publicly available on our website.Section 5 Framework amendmentWe will review the framework on a periodic basis to ensure continued alignment to relevant industry standards as and when they are updated. Any update instructed by our Sustainability Panel will be made to further our transparency and, should it be deemed material, will receive the appropriate external review and disclosures. We will also ensure alignment of our framework review with any expiry timeframe imposed by our SPO, if applicable.The latest version of the framework will always be publicly available via www.chp.org.uk/corporateSection 6 DisclaimerThis document may contain forward-looking statementsincluding projections, estimates, targets and opinions this that may or may not prove accurate. Phrases such as aim,report contains. No liability is accepted as to any errors, plan, intend, anticipate, believe, expect, target and similaromissions or misstatements. We, or any of our subsidiarys expressions are generally intended to identify forward-lookingoperations, other person, or persons respective directors, statements. These statements involve known and unknownofficers or employees accepts any liability arising directly or risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actualindirectly from the use of this document. By accepting this results to differ materially from what is expressed or implieddocument, you acknowledge that you will be solely responsible by the statements. Any forward-looking statement is basedfor your own assessment of us, the market and our position on information available to us as of the date of the statement.in it and that you will conduct your own analysis and be All written or verbal forward-looking statements attributablesolely responsible for forming your own view of our potential to us are qualified by this caution. We have no obligation toperformance. Our past business and financial performance is update, modify or amend this document to reflect any changesnot to be relied on as an indication of our future performance. in assumptions, circumstances or expectations. This document does not constitute an invitation to underwrite, No representation or warranty (expressed or implied) is madesubscribe for, or otherwise acquire or dispose of any securities. as to, and no reliance should be placed on, any information, 19'