b'Sustainable Finance Framework 2022ICMA and LMAUse of proceeds Example of impact metrics Targeteligible projectsdemographicFinancing to be used for: Number of newly completed The construction andaffordable homes, defined in acquisition of affordableaccordance with government housing in the Unitedlegislation for affordable housing Kingdom9 . This will includeclassificationlowcost ownership, social andUsage of the Local Housing affordable rented housing Allowance to validate geographical Specific populations qualifyingaffordabilityAffordable for affordable housing includeDisclosure of rent rates to theLowincome housing those who cannot afford toRegulator of Social Housing andgroupsrent or buy housing throughregular internal audits of rent and the private sector. Targetservice charge setting. Ensuring populations are also likely to becompliance with legislation on the required to have a connectionmaintenance of affordability of to the local area rents and service charges in our Ongoing maintenance andpropertiesmodernisation of affordableExisting homes classified as housing in the United Kingdom affordable receiving investmentFinancing is expected to furtherNumber of new training and projects focused on:development opportunities for our The reduction of incomecustomers via the community hub inequality in our communities Expansion of our DEI resourcingSupport Fund (not exceedingAmount of / how customers have 10% of allocated funds)been supported by our Support targeted towards individualsFund, e.g.contribution towards struggling to pay for utilitiesutility billsor food. The fund contributes towards purchasing necessary household appliances, foodbank vouchers, utility bill vouchers and any other expenses that are necessary for individuals who are financial Socioeconomichardshipadvancement andCommunity outreach schemesLowincome improvement for disadvantaged individualsgroupswithin our communities and at our community hub and training facility promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our communities through external accreditation, improving our inclusion of those suffering with dementia or sight impairment in our schemes for older people by improving signage and facilities, customer focus groups around DEI issues and improving our customer data around DEI to analyse how well we currently perform9 www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2008/17/contents14'