b'CHP financial statements 2020/2021Return on capital employed4.0%3.5% 3.63%3.0% 3.40%2.5% 2.88% 2.79%2.30% 2.45%2.0%1.5%1.0%0.5%0.0%Sector median Peer groupCHP CHP CHP CHP2019/2020 median 2019/20202020/20212020/20212021/2022 2019/2020 actual targetactual targetThis metric compares the operating surplus to total assetsAs with the operating margin metrics, this measure less current liabilities. This is a common measure to assesswill fluctuate in line with our development programme the efficient investment of resources. and business plan. We expect it to trend upwards over Our performance was better than forecast for the year,the coming years as we continue to deliver against our again driven by the pandemic slowdown. Corporate Strategy targets.Bespoke metrics2020/2021Measure 2021/2022Explanatory notesActualTarget8. Properties per employee 31.3 37.0 As our target operating model is implemented and further technological improvements are delivered, the number of homes per employee is targeted to increase. This is a measure of efficiency.9. Reduction in management 7% 5% Our approved budget for 2021/2022 highlights a further costs year-on-year reduction in overall management costs. The tracking of this measure includes the ongoing impact of the Achieving Customer Excellence (ACE) programme and the target operating model. This is a measure of efficiency and economy.10. Customer Satisfaction 4.7 4.7 As the overall ACE programme continues to deliver improvements in customer satisfaction, areas such as cost to serve should reduce. This is a measure of effectiveness.11. Employer NPS +15 +15 As a more regular measurement than the bi-annual Best Companies survey, the Employer NPS can indicate overallValue for money - what next? employee satisfaction. A higher result potentially leading to lowerThe coming year will see us develop and publish our next recruitment costs. This is a measure of effectiveness. Corporate Strategy, which we expect will build upon the 12. Operating Surplus 21.4m 21.2m A clear target for our operating surplus can work alongsidesame themes as present a strong focus on our customers,More new homesregulatory metrics to contribute to a higher credit rating and athe quality and environmental performance of their homes, reduction in future funding costs. This is a measure of efficiencyand more new homes for those in need. for those in need.and economy.Our bespoke metrics will continue to be reported against, 13. Carbon Net Zero fund0 4m The Board has agreed to create a carbon Net Zero fund from partand we expect to evolve these further as we fully embed valueof future market sale profits, shared ownership unsold equityour current value for money strategy into the business.receipts and rental income from head office lettings. This will be an effective tool for us to meet decarbonisation commitments without immediate trade-offs in the next Corporate Strategy. This is a measure of effectiveness and economy.28 29'