b"CHP financial statements 2020/2021Notes to the financial statements 3c Particulars of turnover from non-social housing lettingsThere was an increase of 282 homes owned or manageda result (2019/2020: social rent 7,407 and affordable during the year. This includes 181 new properties builtrent 1,426). Twenty properties which were managed for GroupCompany in the year plus a further 84 properties being managedothers but also leasehold have also been restated onto on behalf of Legal and General Affordable Homes. Wethe leasehold and managed for others line (2019/2020: 2020/2021 2019/20202020/2021 2018/2019increased the number of properties that we manageleasehold properties 770).on behalf of Chelmsford City Council by five. We soldThe Company owns and manages 23 sheltered housing 000 000 000 000 two properties and nine properties moved from sharedschemes (2019/2020: 23) which are now categorised as Shop rental 593583593583ownership or social rent to leasehold following completionGeneral Housing following changes to their management of sales. We also sold 47 shared ownership properties toarrangements. The Company manages 133 homes on Properties rented at market rate 321310321310Legal and General Affordable Homes. 132 intermediatebehalf of Chelmsford City Council and 161 on behalf of rent properties have been reclassified this year toLegal and General Affordable Homes. Support services provided to non-tenants -(1)-(1)affordable rent and the 2019/2020 figures restated as Outright sales 5Operating surplus Other 127135127135 Total 1,0411,0271,0411,027This is arrived at after charging:GroupCompany2020/2021 2019/20202020/2021 2019/2020 4Accommodation in management and development for Group and company 000 000 000 000At the end of the year accommodation in management for each class of accommodation was as follows: Depreciation of social housing properties9,4248,968 9,4248,968 Depreciation of non social housing properties and 2020/2021 2019/2020other property, plant and equipment669671 669671 Number Number (restated) Operating lease rentalsSocial housing - other fixed assets341336 341336 General needs - social rent 7,2767,275Auditor's remuneration (excluding VAT)General needs - affordable rent 1,6761,558- for audit services5038 5027 Supported housing and housing for older people2323- for assurance services 6 5 6 5- social rent Shared ownership 613608 6Sale of properties Other Managed by others 56Group and company Total owned 9,5939,4702020/2021 2019/2020 Leasehold properties 754750000 000Managed for others 249138Disposal proceeds 8,9462,925 Leasehold and managed for others 45 20 Carrying value of housing properties(5,961)(1,199) Total social housing 10,641 10,378 Grant recycled -(109) Non-social housing Other operating costs and costs of disposal (344)(692) Shops 7878Surplus on Sale of Properties2,641925 Other 1 2 The disposal proceeds include 6,800k for the sale of 47 shared ownership properties to Legal and General Affordable Market rented properties 42 42 Homes, which had a carrying value of 4,890k. In operating costs there are two Right to Buy (2019/2020: five). Other operating costs and costs of disposal include the amounts paid back to Chelmsford City Council as part of the original Total owned and managed 10,76210,500transfer agreement when we were created. These relate to right to buy disposals.Accommodation in development at the year end 608 65756 57"