b'CHP financial statements 2020/2021Notes to the financial statements 31SubsidiariesWe issued a 200m 30-year bond in December 2013 viaWe provide staff and other services to our subsidiaries our subsidiary, Myriad Capital PLC. This bond was tappedunder the terms of procedure agreements. Salary costs are for an additional 50m in March 2021 under the existingrecharged on a time spent basis and the general overheads terms, taking the total amount issued to 250m. on the number of units on site for each subsidiary and the average cost per head within the development programme. Details of the amounts charged to the subsidiaries within the Group are as follows.2020/2021 2019/2020000000Myriad Homes Ltd 1- Myriad Housing Ltd 1,0691,074 Myriad Capital PLC 1,070 1,074 000Myriad Capital PLC is our financing vehicle for and charges us interest. We guarantee the contracts undertaken by Myriad Housing Ltd when requested to do so. We have Parent Company Guarantees in place on the following schemes: Mascalls Park, Brentwood, BellwayArisdale Avenue, South Ockendon, Persimmon Channels, Chelmsford, BellwayHall Road phase two, Rochford, BellwayPrittlebrook, Southend, BellwayMain Road, Great Leighs, BellwayHall Road, Rochford, Ashberry Homes,Hall Road phase three, Rochford, BellwayHall Road, Rochford, BellwayArla, Hatfield Peveral, BellwayStanway NE2, Colchester, CALA HomesHigh Road, Fobbing, Bellway.94 95'