b'CHP financial statements 2020/2021Notes to the financial statements GroupCompany 20Creditors: Amounts falling due after more than one yearTotal debtors 2020/2021 2019/20202020/2021 2019/2020GroupCompany000 000 000 000 2020/2021 2019/20202020/2021 2019/2020 Note a and b2,0812,1594,205 2,312 Housing loans000 000 000 000Within one to two years5,2435,4165,2435,416 Credit risk is assessed as the risk of a default occurring overinclude VAT to the extent that it is suffered by us and notWithin two to five years17,82017,76717,82017,767 the expected life of the financial instrument. Impairmentrecoverable from HM Revenue and Customs. The balance gains or losses are recognised in the statement ofof VAT payable or recoverable at the year-end is included asIn five years or more435,458417,775 434,425416,759comprehensive income. The company is partially exempta current liability or asset. for Value Added Tax (VAT). The financial statementsTotal housing loans458,521440,958457,488439,942 Bond Premium33,87516,70533,87516,705 19Creditors: Amounts falling due within one yearLess: Loan arrangement costs(2,976)(2,747)(2,426)(2,182) Creditors with no stated interest rate and receivable or payable within one year are recorded at transaction price. 489,420454,916488,937454,465 Disposal proceeds fund Recycled capital grant fund110110 110 110GroupCompany2020/2021 2020/2021 489,530 455,026 489,047 454,5752019/20202019/2020 000 000 000 000 The housing loans are secured by a floating charge overBond interest was issued at an interest rate of 4.79 Trade creditors 1,5606551,538556the assets of the company and by specific charges on thepercent, which after considering the discounted companys housing properties. All loans are repayableprepayment gives a net rate of 4.75 percent. We use Rent and service charges received in advance 1,5231,2351,5231,235by lump sums at set stages in the debt agreement untilinterest rate swaps to manage our interest rate risk. At the Interest payable 3,0913,0724054432042. At 31 March 2021 the company had undrawn loanyear-end instruments were held with a nominal value of facilities of 119m (2019/2020: 91m).177m and fair value of 67m, with security of property Housing loans 4,9284,6124,9284,61291m and cash 0m.Included in the total housing loans is a discounted Bond Premium 967473967473prepayment on issue of the bond finance of 722k(2019/2020: 739k). Other taxation and social security 333351333351 Other creditors 444776444768 Amount owed by other Group companies 7,3717,800 Accruals and deferred income 6,6967,9912,2802,900 19,54219,16519,78919,228 76 77'