b'CHP financial statements 2020/2021Customer case studies You reallyIts a dream helped me, you come true! were brilliant.Francesca climbs the ladder Afuas storyFive years ago a working single mother, Francesca, and herAfter a few years, Francescas financial situation Afua was facing a challenging time financially and wasAfter putting her new CV on Totaljobs.com, Afua received young son were living with her parents. Wanting a space ofchanged and she was keen to own a home outright. trying to take care of her child. When the coronaviruslots of calls for work. You really helped me, you were their own, she registered for shared ownership - a schemeI thought about selling at first but we really like it here, pandemic hit and things became even more tough, shebrilliant, said Afua.that gives people a chance at home ownership by buying aso I contacted CHP to find out more about how to increaseapplied for Universal Credit to provide her with extra share of it while paying rent on the rest.my ownership. I found the process straightforward. Its farfinancial support. During an appointment with her workIf I hadnt had her help with my CV,She found a CHP property that was perfect for her and hereasier than you might imagine and CHP helped me withcoach, she mentioned her lifelong passion for teaching. HerI wouldnt have found a job in teaching. sons needs and went on to buy a 35% share.the forms and financial assessment so I knew exactly whatcoach recommended the adult education courses offeredAfua recently started a short contract as an Out of School I could afford.by our partner the WEA (Workers Educational Association).Practitioner. She works with primary school aged children We love living here in the village. We have greatFrancesca now owns 100% of her home and, according toWhilst completing a WEA Level One course which providesto provide daily care at the before and after school clubs. neighbours and its a perfect location for my sons schoolher, Its a dream come true! an introduction to teaching, Afua attended a session led byIm really enjoying working there, said Afua. The hours and our family, Francesca explains. Its a fantasticour Community Investment Advisor. The course focused onalso help me with the flexibility I need to take care of my product, she continues. CV writing and how to find employment in education.own family. It helps people who really want theWe offered further support after the session and helpedAfua recently completed her Level Two Support work stability and security of owning their ownAfua with her CV. Afua had worked in banking for manyin Schools and Colleges qualification. She has also been years but had always wanted to work with children in aoffered a year-long contract in her role as Out of School home but are not in the financial position toprimary school setting. Our Community Investment AdvisorPractitioner starting in September. Her goal is to continue buy outright. Its a step on the ladder helped her tailor her CV so that it focused on what washer education whilst working and hopes to apply for a you wouldnt otherwise be able to do.relevant to her career aspirations and showcased herpostgraduate course that will enable her to further develop As a single parent, this has been an transferable skills.her teaching career. I will always appreciate the help that amazing opportunity for us. you gave me, Afua said. 8 9'