b'CHP financial statements 2020/2021Board report Nicola Sawford, ChairNeil Fisher, Vice ChairStephen Bennett, Chair of Governance, Remuneration and Nominations CommitteeRosemary Braithwaite, Chair ofPeter Cogan, Chair of CustomerFred Goymour Audit and Risk Committee Experience CommitteeThe Board presents its report and the audited consolidatedDuring the early stages of the pandemic, the Board met financial statements of Chelmer Housing Partnershipweekly to ensure the strongest levels of governance Limited (CHP) and its subsidiary entities for the year endedand oversight as we kept our customers, employees and 31 March 2021. business safe. We review our compliance with the National HousingThe Leadership Team regularly attend Board meetings. Federations Code of Governance (revised 2020) and theBoard Directors are recruited from a wide background Regulators Governance and Financial Viability Standardsto ensure they bring the appropriate degree of skill, Karen MayhewMarc NoaroJoanna Wanmerevery year. The Board confirms that we are fully compliantindependence, diligence, effectiveness, prudence and with the Code and the Standards.foresight to the business. In the period since the year ended, The Regulator of SocialMeetings held during the year and the attendance of Board Housing has assessed us as G1/V2. This is the highestDirectors is detailed on page 32. regulatory standard for governance and reflects our strongThe numbers show the actual attendance out of potential financial viability in light of the level of investment we areattendances. Board Directors and Committee Members putting into new housing.have online access to all papers for their meetings and The Boards Governance Framework and Standing Orders,can attend meetings in person, by telephone or video. Scheme of Delegations, Code of Conduct and FinancialMembership of the committees will continue to be Regulations specify how the Group operates includingreviewed and agreed annually. those matters reserved to the Board.The Annual General Meeting was held onThe Board meets regularly and has established several23 September 2020. Mary Gibbons, Chief ExecutivePaul Edwards, Deputy CEOcommittees with delegated responsibilities under formal (appointed Board Director and Chief Financial Officer terms of reference. As necessary, the Board will also set 23 September 2020) (appointed Board Director up task and finish working groups to focus on a particular 23 September 2020) topic. An example of this during 2020/2021 was the Asset Management Strategy Working Group.30 31'