Delighting customers

We want all customers to feel listened to, that their views are heard and acted upon, and that they’re treated as individuals. By listening and learning, we’ll be able to anticipate needs, improve our service delivery and shape great neighbourhoods.

Our commitment to you

  • We’ll treat customers fairly and with respect.
  • We’ll listen to customers, ask for their views and feedback on the services we provide so we can learn and improve.
  • We’ll enable customers to hold us to account and know how we’re performing.
  • We’ll encourage customers to engage with each other about our work and the impact it can have.
  • We’ll ask customers about their needs and priorities, and how they expect us to work with them.
  • We’ll be clear and consistent in our communications with customers.
  • We’ll clarify during every contact with customers what will happen next, when it will happen, their point of contact and where to get any further information. We’ll also be clear whether it’s with us or another organisation.
  • We’ll use data to help understand our customers, shape our services and target our support.
  • We’ll ask customers what’s important to them and give them a say on how we spend money in their communities.
  • We’ll visit customers to understand how they want us to work with them and check they’re okay.
  • We’ll ensure customers have visibility of our lettings process so they know when their new home will become available.
  • We’ll listen to the views and priorities of current and future customers of older persons’ accommodation and review the services we provide.
  • We’ll find out more about the diverse needs of customers, to customise our services and communications where we can.
  • We’ll remove barriers which put individuals at a disadvantage.
  • We’ll work with partners to create social action initiatives to support community spirit and pride.
  • We’ll provide learning and skills development opportunities that customers value.
  • We’ll use our influence to maximise the social value from the goods and services we buy and invest that in customers and communities.
  • We’ll work with customers to help tackle stigma and any negative perceptions of social housing.

Our Corporate Strategy  Safe and well-maintained homes