Diversity, equity and inclusion

We value diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) throughout our organisation. It’s central to achieving our business objectives, delivering excellent and accessible services to customers and communities, and to making CHP an inclusive and desirable place to work.

Using tools like our Equality Impact Assessment, we want to improve inclusion and make sure there’s no chance of discriminatory effects against any person or group. This is whether they’re employees, customers or members of the wider community. We view the promotion of DEI as a mainstream activity which is the responsibility of all employees, the Leadership Team and the Board.

We’re committed to delivering fair and equitable services that are accessible to people of any background, and aim to be as inclusive an employer as possible.

We recognise that the people who provide and use our services come from diverse backgrounds, and each have different experiences and needs. We’ll eliminate barriers which may inhibit service delivery to particular groups, and we’ll also make sure our employment policies and practices don’t exclude or disadvantage potential employees from diverse backgrounds.

Expanding upon the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010, we want to make sure that no-one receives less favourable treatment because of their race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, gender, cultural background, sex, sexuality, disability, domestic circumstances, illness, age or employment status. This also extends to anyone who’s perceived as having any of these characteristics or is associated with another person who does.

We value the differences in all our employees and customers and will treat them with fairness and respect.

We understand that a diverse and reflective workforce generates better ideas, and is integral to delivering inclusive services. So we want our workforce to be as representative of the communities we serve as possible. We’re also committed to providing our employees and customers with a grounded understanding of DEI through training and promoting awareness around relevant issues.

We seek to make sure that everyone, including employees, potential employees, stakeholders, Board members, contractors, and customers, feel that they’ve been fairly treated. We accept our legal and regulatory responsibilities and recognise the need for a comprehensive DEI policy in order to safeguard the rights of individuals and groups, and to ensure the achievement of our core values. We do not tolerate discrimination, violence or harassment either aimed at or originating from employees, our customer base and/or members of the local community.

We understand that some groups are from the outset at a significant disadvantage compared to others. Achieving equity means doing what we can to help people reach the same outcomes.

We’re committed to consulting the people impacted by our services, to make sure that they’re relevant and accessible to all. We’ll make a particular effort to ensure effective consultation with groups who we know to be at a social disadvantage.

Diversity, equity and inclusion
Diversity Diversity is about celebrating and valuing how different we all are. Diversity is something that applies to everyone and should be part of everything we do.
Equity Equity means ensuring that everybody has an equal chance to achieve the same outcome, rather than simply starting from the same place.
Inclusion Inclusion means that all people, regardless of their abilities or additional needs, have the right to be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities.

Our partnerships


alt= BuildEast is a partnership of 17 housing associations in the East of England. It’s committed to positively addressing equality, diversity and inclusion through the organisation. It believes that a more diverse and inclusive culture will result in a better service for customers.

Housing Diversity Network

alt="" The Housing Diversity Network (HDN) aims to inspire and empower people, promoting equality, diversity and opportunity for all. We’re working with the HDN to improve how we address inequality, get the most from our people and meet the needs of our communities.