Our homes

We have several housing options to help people find a home suitable for their needs.

Social rent

We offer a range of homes for social rent. This means they are significantly cheaper than private rented housing, often around 50 percent less than the market rent for the area. Our social rent homes are allocated to people who are nominated to us based on priority by local authorities.

Other rental options

We have homes available for Intermediate Market Rent  which means rent is charged up to 80 percent of current market prices (including service charges). These are available through Help to Buy Agent for the South, and applicants must register and be approved by them before any viewings take place. We also offer homes for open market rent, where rent is charged in line with current private landlord prices for similar properties in the area.

Low-cost home ownership

We offer a range of home ownership options including shared ownership, outright purchase on the open market and right to buy or acquire.

Sheltered housing

We have several sheltered housing schemes specifically designed for older people to help them to live independently whilst providing peace of mind that support is available . For example, a common feature of our sheltered schemes is 24-hour emergency help through an alarm system.

Supporting specialist needs

As well as general needs housing, we work with partners to deliver specialist housing to meet specific needs. For example, homelessness, supported housing for people with learning disabilities and extra care homes.