Strong growing business

We need strong finances to deliver our strategy and we need to make the most of every pound we spend for customers and communities. We’ll collaborate with partners in both the public and private sector to make a positive social impact, steering our business through the challenging financial environment of this strategy.

Our commitment to you

  • We’ll be a good corporate citizen, mindful of and reporting on our impact on society and the environment.
  • We’ll reduce our carbon emissions each year and influence the reduction in our supply chain’s emissions.
  • We’ll spend money wisely to focus on outcomes and improving our impact, including by sharing resources and expertise with partners.
  • We’ll work with partners to make their supply chains more sustainable.
  • We’ll work with local suppliers and enable smaller businesses to work with us to create sustainable growth in communities, wherever possible.
  • We’ll increase the impact of our supply chain and deliver more social value.
  • We’ll develop local skills and employment for tradespeople. This includes training opportunities, placements, and apprenticeship programmes with further education providers.
  • We’ll be a leader in forming partnerships that deliver a bigger impact for customers and communities.
  • We’ll work with partners to deliver new homes as quickly, to the best quality and price, as possible.
  • We’ll make sure we’re attractive to investors so we can borrow money more cheaply and build more homes.
  • We’ll deliver business plans with improved financial metrics.
  • We’ll embed value for money into all decision making.
  • We’ll work with the best mix of employees and suppliers for our needs across all activities.

Our Corporate Strategy