Safe and well-maintained homes

We’re investing in existing homes to make sure they’re well-maintained and meet high standards of landlord safety. We’re dedicated to reducing their environmental impact and lowering energy costs for customers, through our improvements.

Our commitment to you

  • We’ll provide good quality homes and neighbourhoods people are proud to live in.
  • We’ll embed a culture of safety within CHP and go further than what’s required by law.
  • We’ll provide properties that go beyond the Government’s Decent Homes Standard and develop our own to improve their quality.
  • We’ll understand how customers live in their homes and fit our work, systems and technology around them.
  • We’ll reduce heat loss in our worst performing homes, so people need to spend less on heating.
  • We’ll invest significantly more each year in our homes and their surroundings to modernise them, meet safety standards and improve their environmental performance.
  • We’ll deal with any issues of damp, condensation and mould.
  • We’ll give customers access to information about the condition of their home, future plans for investment and what we’re doing to help keep them safe.
  • We’ll engage customers in the work we do in their home, to enable people to feel a part of the process and minimise the disruption.
  • We’ll consult with customers and use their feedback to make improvements in our services including how long we should take to provide repairs.
  • We’ll ensure contractors meet expected standards when they work in customers’ homes.
  • We’ll manage assets intelligently and thoughtfully and where necessary consider alternative options or uses.
  • We’ll develop our online services so customers can update us on the condition of their home and manage day-to-day repairs with more choice and transparency.

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