Corporate strategy 2019-2022

Our mission

Transforming lives by creating great homes for everyone.

Our vision and values

To be an organisation that cares about our customers and communities and is determined to make a difference. We will be bold and open-minded in our pursuit of solutions to help people transform their lives.

Our proposition

We want our current and future customers to live in homes where they can feel comfortable, safe, secure, and can make the most of their lives. We will create environments that support the growth of strong communities and provide opportunities to help people thrive.

We will do this by working in trusted partnerships with our customers and stakeholders, treating them with respect, and being easy to do business with. We will be flexible and adaptable and offer choices when and where we can. We will walk in our customers' shoes, listen to what matters most to them, and innovate to deliver the best possible experience throughout their entire journey with us.

Our objectives

A new home a day

We have set ourselves a challenge of building 365 homes a year or ‘a new home a day’. As well as a range of social and affordable rented homes, we will explore specialist housing such as supported housing for people with learning disabilities.

Delighting customers

We intend to delight customers by providing warm, safe and affordable homes with services delivered on time through a great experience. We want to understand our customers better so that we can improve our communications and service delivery.

Strong growing business

We need strong finances to deliver our plans but it’s not just about growth; we will boost the social value generated from our resources and assets. A robust framework helps us compromise on investments and enables us to accept lower returns to increase social value.

Connected systems and efficient processes

Our ambition is to build a connected organisation by optimising the design and management of work. We will minimise waste and maximise value by using technology and data; combined with creativity which explores the ‘art of the possible’, to innovate and deliver value.

Great place to work

We will attract diverse talent by having a fresh approach to our recruitment. We have a fantastic team of people and we will retain them by increasing learning and development opportunities alongside specialist programmes aimed at apprentices and university graduates.