Smart ways of working

We’ll use data and technology intelligently and effectively. It will inform, innovate and improve the services we provide so we can achieve our goals. We’ll prioritise what helps us to perform better and makes the most difference.

Our commitment to you

  • We’ll use data to improve customers’ experience and inform business decisions.
  • We’ll have good governance, clear controls and strong security of our company and its data.
  • We’ll improve the amount and quality of data we hold where we need it to deliver better services.
  • We’ll make it easy for customers and employees to access our services at any time and from any location.
  • We’ll have a simple set of connected IT systems that are integrated with those of our suppliers.
  • We’ll store, share and manage knowledge with and between customers and employees.
  • We’ll improve how we manage reporting including our use of technology.
  • We’ll increase automation and reduce rekeying and manual processing.
  • We’ll embed a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and innovation to find better ways to deliver what we do.
  • We’ll base processes on how they impact customers and how efficient they are for us to use.
  • We’ll invite and use feedback to improve processes.
  • We’ll make it easy for all employees to access the processes and information they need.
  • We’ll optimise the use of technology and provide effective training that builds confidence and skills.
  • We’ll use techniques, tools and data to provide better services to customers.
  • We’ll provide customers with online access to all their documentation.
  • We’ll provide new options for customer contact.

Our Corporate Strategy  Strong growing business