Great place to work

We’ll create a trusting and inclusive environment that values employee feedback. We want to attract and retain talented individuals who share our values. We’ll give everyone opportunities to develop and grow and motivate our people to bring their best selves to work every day.

Our commitment to you

  • We’ll provide a variety of opportunities for employees to develop and grow.
  • We’ll make sure employees have the right skills and equipment to perform to their full potential. 
  • We’ll map out career paths and qualification routes in areas of key skills to the company.
  • We’ll build a culture where all employees feel valued and are trusted to deliver their role.
  • We’ll invite, listen to and act on employee feedback so that we can learn and improve.
  • We’ll welcome and celebrate the diverse contributions of employees.
  • We’ll promote employee wellbeing, inclusion and belonging.
  • We’ll review experiences of and access to employee processes by diverse groups and remove any barriers.
  • We’ll provide a consistent and quality employee experience across all different working arrangements.
  • We’ll pay employees fairly, regularly checking salaries and benefits against the market and internally.
  • We’ll recognise the contributions of employees and will reward exceptional performance and skills.
  • We’ll enable employees to have a better understanding of different roles in the business and how they fit together, including with an updated induction programme for new joiners.
  • We’ll attract new and diverse talent.
  • We’ll provide early careers programmes with clear goals.
  • We’ll deliver a management and leadership development programme.
  • We’ll have a strong approach to performance feedback.
  • We’ll enable and encourage employees to give back to communities. 

Our Corporate Strategy Smart ways of working