More great new homes

We’re focused on meeting housing need by collaborating with partners to deliver affordable new homes and to provide more homes for social rent. New homes will be environmentally sustainable and as many as possible will be ‘zero carbon ready’.

Our commitment to you

  • We’ll provide 1,500 new affordable homes.
  • We’ll design homes around the needs of customers.
  • We’ll deliver a range of affordable homes including a growing number for social rent to meet the needs of those on very low incomes.
  • We’ll build a growing number of environmentally sustainable homes using a fabric first approach, optimising low carbon and renewable technologies, and ready for future use by electric vehicles.
  • We’ll provide a more customer focused new homes aftercare service.
  • We’ll directly fund and build new homes and manage more new homes on behalf of other likeminded organisations.
  • We’ll work with private and public sector partners to raise funds for the delivery of new affordable homes and to help make existing homes more environmentally sustainable.
  • We’ll prioritise developments where we buy the land and commission what we build. This gives us greater control over the design, sustainability and delivery of new homes.
  • We’ll prioritise investment in homes in sustainable locations and consider the local infrastructure to make sure people living there will have access to the services they need.
  • We’ll develop homes for sale to help fund building affordable homes.
  • We’ll provide construction training opportunities to help tackle the growing skills shortages in the sector.

Our Corporate Strategy  Great place to work