Compliments and complaints

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. To enable us to deliver a great customer experience we welcome all your feedback, both positive and negative. This helps us to know when we get things right and also where we need to improve.


It’s great to hear when we have done well. This means we can make sure to keep doing it and share good practices across our team. We’ll also pass any compliments on to those employees that have given great service, so they know when they’re doing well.

Your feedback


Dissatisfaction and complaints

We understand that sometimes things go wrong. As soon as we're aware that you feel dissatisfied with the level of service we’ve given, we'll contact you and take the necessary steps to put things right quickly.

If you think we haven’t managed your dissatisfaction well, you can ask to open a formal complaint. We’ll then acknowledge this in writing within three working days and take your complaint through our two-stage process. This is set out in detail in our Customer Dissatisfaction and Complaints Policy[pdf]

All formal complaints are handled by one team. They work closely with colleagues across the business to make sure we do everything necessary to investigate the issue in detail and keep you informed.

If you feel unhappy or want to raise a formal complaint, you can complete this form:

Your feedback

Alternatively you can:

  • call us on 0300 555 0500;
  • email us at;
  • write to us at: Myriad House, 33 Springfield Lyons Approach, Chelmsford, CM2 5LB.

Lessons learnt

Here are examples of where we’ve used our customers’ voices to embed lessons learnt into our daily service delivery, identified through the lessons learnt group and via our complaints process.

You said We did

The Housing Ombudsman told us that we had taken too long to raise a formal complaint after the customer had contacted us and their MP about an aspect of our service they were unhappy with.


We’ve re-trained our team so they are up to speed with the latest guidance from the Housing Ombudsman on when to raise a formal complaint.

We’ve changed how we handle enquiries that we receive on behalf of customers from third parties, such as an MP. We’ve added a check to our process, to make sure we consider if the enquiry should be treated as a formal complaint.

alt= A customer told us that they were dissatisfied with the conduct of one of our contractors when completing work in their home. alt= We’re reviewing the contractor and the work they completed for this customer. This will tell us if we need to ask the contractor to make any changes to the way they work for us and deal with our customers.

After a member of the surveying team left CHP, we could not find any record of the status of work to be completed in a customer’s home which led to significant delays.


There is now a requirement for all visits completed by our surveying team to be documented and stored in a central location, accessible to the whole team. Notes stored on this system will include outcomes and next steps, in any event of staff absence or if they leave CHP.

alt= A customer told us they were confused when they raised an adaptation request about what they need to do and we will do. alt= Once any adaptation request is acknowledged, a letter will be sent to the customer along with a copy of our Adaptations leaflet that provides information on our and your responsibilities.
alt= A customer told us that when we visited their block we used the designated ambulance parking bay whilst at the scheme. alt= We have completed training with employees to remind them that this designated parking bay is to remain vacant and should not be used when visiting our schemes.


A fair approach | Complaint handling code

The Housing Ombudsman published a new Complaint Handling Code in July 2020, setting out good practice that will allow landlords like us to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.

We’ve reviewed our complaints process to make sure we’re compliant. You can download our self assessments for more information:

For more information on how we manage customer feedback, please see our customer feedback leaflet [pdf]

Compensation and goodwill gesture

We aim to provide an excellent service, but we recognise that occasionally things do go wrong. If we fail to meet the level of service set out in our published standards, we’ll apologise and put things right. Sometimes this may involve paying compensation to you or making a goodwill gesture. You can read about our approach, when goodwill gestures will be paid, and how an amount is calculated, in our Compensation and Goodwill Gesture Policy [pdf].