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Our electric vehicles hit the road


We have introduced five new electric vehicles into our fleet as part of our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

The vehicles are now being used by our supply chain, trades and grounds maintenance teams to deliver services to our 27,000 customers across the eastern region.

In the three months we have been using the electric vehicles, we have offset the same amount of carbon as five large trees.

We will be looking to add even more electric vehicles to our fleet in the future in line with our Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which sets out how we will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

During this year we have switched our energy tariff so that all electricity used at our office, sheltered schemes and the communal areas in our housing blocks comes from 100 percent renewable sources.

We are also making new developments greener by creating wildlife areas to encourage biodiversity and providing more green spaces and planting five trees for every new house built. Where possible we are also fitting environmentally friendly air source heat pumps in new homes to ensure they are more self-sufficient, eco-friendly and affordable to run.

We have now added electric vehicle charging points at our main office in Chelmsford. All the electricity used at these points comes from 100 percent renewable sources. The number of charging points will also be increased as we add more electric vehicles to our fleet.

Diane Petts, Business Support and Facilities Manager said “The introduction of electric vehicles into our fleet is a significant step on our journey towards becoming carbon net zero. We are planning to gradually increase the number of electric vehicles in our fleet in line with our Environmental Sustainability Strategy. As a company we want to ensure we are being sustainable in everything we do, to make our communities greener and preserve the environment for future generations.”

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