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What a 53-week rent year means for you


If we charge your rent weekly, you need to be aware that this upcoming financial year (2024/2025) is a 53-week rent year, instead of 52. This happens every five or six years, keeping in line with the calendar year. Your rent is due every Monday and there will be 53 Mondays in the new financial year, so this means you’ll have an extra week of rent to pay. 

You'll still have four rent-free weeks, two in March and two in December, so you’ll pay rent for 49 of the 53 weeks in total.  

You may need to make a change to your payments depending on how you pay your rent. Listed below are the different methods used to pay rent. Select which one you use to find out if you need to do anything.  

How you pay your rent  

Direct debit  
  • If you pay by direct debit, we’ll update the amount automatically and contact you to confirm the new collection amounts.  


Recurring card payment  
  • If you pay by recurring card payment, we’ll update the amount automatically. 


Standing order 
  • If you pay by standing order, you’ll need to contact your bank to update the amount.  


Universal Credit 
  • If you claim Universal Credit, you’ll need to tell the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) about the change to your rent. You should do this by updating the ‘Confirm your Housing Costs’ on your Universal Credit journal after 1 April 2024. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact your work coach.  
  • As it’s a 53-week year, your Universal Credit for the year will not cover the full amount of rent and you’ll need to pay the difference. 


Housing Benefit 
  • If you claim Housing Benefit, you’ll need to let your local authority know about the changes to your rent. If it’s paid directly to us, we’ll also let them know.  
  • They’ll recalculate your Housing Benefit and write to you with the details. You should receive this in the next few months. 


Other methods 

If you pay using a different method to those listed above, you’ll need to calculate your monthly payment by multiplying your weekly rent by 49 (not 48). Then divide the total into 12 equal monthly payments.  

For example, if your rent is £100 per week:  

  • £100 multiplied by 49 (the number of chargeable Mondays in the year) = £4,900 
  • £4,900 divided by 12 (monthly payments) = £408.33 


Unsure what you need to do or having problems paying? 

If you’re not sure what to do, or you’re having difficulty meeting your payments, please call us on 0300 555 0500 or email Our friendly team are here to help. 

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