How we perform

We’re committed to being transparent about the way we do business. That includes what we’re doing to help improve the lives of our customers and to be a great place to work for our people. 

To find out how we’re meeting the standards set by the Regulator of Social Housing, visit our How we're run page.

How we’re making improvements for people and the planet 

We’ve chosen to be an early adopter of the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing. This is a sector-leading commitment which puts us at the forefront of sustainable best practice.  

It commits us to reporting on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance annually, in a transparent, consistent and comparable way. We believe it’s important to share these valuable insights so that investors can be better informed about us.
You can find out about the impact we’re making and the value we’re bringing across the areas of environment, social and corporate governance.

Read our ESG Report 2022-2023

Our activities, income and expenditure 

Our annual reports and financial statements are where you can read about how we’ve performed as an organisation over the last year, including key facts and figures. 

Read our Annual Report 2022-2023  Read our Financial Statements 2022-2023

Working towards bridging the gender pay gap

We want to be a great place to work and that means making sure our employees have opportunities to progress their careers. You can find out more about what we’re doing to help close the gap in the report we produce each year. 

Read our Gender Pay Gap Report 2021-2022