How we support customers

We make sure that the homes we provide are warm, safe and sustainable. If we get something wrong, we do what we can to fix it as quickly as possible.

But we don’t stop there. We care about the people who live in our homes, so we do much more than provide bricks and mortar.

We invest time, people and money in listening to what our customers want and helping them improve their quality of life. This means a wide range of support and services for customers when they need them.

We provide personal welfare benefits advice for our customers as well as guidance on where they can get help with managing their money and any debt. If, for any reason, they find themselves in financial difficulty and are worried they can't pay their rent, we have a specialist team to support them.

We offer advice and a variety of training to help anyone who lives in the communities we serve to develop their skills. This includes help to improve their English or maths and how to use the Internet. We also offer support with getting into employment by providing advice on how to write a CV or prepare for an interview.

We’re also here to help if our customers experience anti-social behaviour, hate crime or domestic abuse. Our team is trained to support any safeguarding concerns.

We work with a range of partners to help our customers when they’re facing some of life’s challenges. This includes local foodbanks if they’re struggling to afford to buy enough food to eat. Plus, specialist organisations who can provide support with loneliness and isolation, drug and alcohol problems and depression and anxiety, for example.

We have a hardship fund, to support our most vulnerable customers who are experiencing extreme financial or related difficulties. This can include an emergency top up for electricity or gas, helping a customer who needs to move quickly because of domestic abuse but has rent arrears, and de-cluttering or deep clean support.

If our customers are looking for a new home, or to transition from renting to home ownership, we help with that too.