Moving home

What to do if you live in one of our homes and you want to move out.

Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy with us and move out of your home, you must give us at least four weeks written notice. You’ll be asked to complete a Tenancy Termination form which you can get by registering for or signing in to your online account.

Before you move out

Your property must be left clean and in good condition. Read our Moving out leaflet for more information on what to do before you go, how we expect your home to be left and details of costs you may have to pay if we need to clear, repair or replace things in your property. You can get a copy of the leaflet from your online account.

Cash incentives for moving to a smaller property

If you’re already one of our customers and live in a property that’s too large for your needs, you may be able to apply for our SpaceSaver scheme. This offers payment and other incentives if you move to a smaller home. For more information, please see our Spacesaver leaflet[pdf] 670KB.

Transfers and exchanges

If you’d like to move to another CHP property, you can apply for a transfer. To find out how to do this and the criteria you need to meet, register for or sign in to your online account.

We also offer mutual exchanges, which is where you swap your home with another housing association or council tenant. This could be a potentially faster way of finding a new home. To find out more, including if you’re eligible, how to start the process and top tips for success, register for or sign in to your online account.

If you’re not a CHP customer and you want to apply for a mutual exchange with a customer in one of our homes, please download and complete our mutual exchange application form