Repairs and alterations

We understand that you might want to make alterations to your shop or commercial unit. Here’s an overview of what you need to ask permission for, as well as responsibilities around repairs.


As a leaseholder, it’s your responsibility to keep your commercial unit in good condition and repair faulty items quickly.

It’s our responsibility to maintain the building structure. You can report a structural repair by visiting our contact us page.


You can carry out some alterations to your commercial unit, but it’s important to check whether you need our permission before you make any changes. For example, you’ll need permission before you alter the building’s:

  • structure;
  • architectural appearance;
  • principle walls or timbers;
  • height.

You don’t need to get our permission for decorating, fitting cabinets, or replacing carpets, light fittings, kitchens or bathrooms, if they don’t affect the building’s structure.

For more information on what you need to get permission for, see our Permission for Improvements and Alterations Policy[pdf] 189KB and check your lease for details specific to your commercial unit.

To apply for permission to make an alteration, visit our contact us page.