Selling your home

If you’re a leaseholder who owns your home outright and wants to sell it, you must let us know. This is because when you sell your home the lease isn’t ended – it's transferred to a new person.

If you bought your property under Right to Buy (RTB) or Right to Acquire (RTA), your lease will say if you need to offer your home back to us first. We don’t have to buy it and, if we let you know we won’t, you can then sell it on the open market.

If you bought your property under RTB or RTA within the last five years, you’ll need to pay back some of the discount you received. You can find more information about this in your Section 125 offer notice that we gave you when you bought your home.

If there are any arrears for service charges or major works, you’ll need to tell the buyer for your home. This could stop the sale from completing.

Once your home is sold, your buyer’s solicitor must send the Notice of Transfer which gives details of the new leaseholder.